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              Bhuvnesh Kumar

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Data Scientist / Corporate

Email       — bhuvnesh@statinfer.com

Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning,

Data Mining, Text Mining, NLP, NLG, Bigdata, DeepLearning

R, Python, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, SQL, Tensorflow
Python libraries
Scikit, Pandas, StatsModels, numpy,  matplotlib, Seaborn, nltk, re,   urllib2, sklearn, BeautifulSoup, requests, lxml, sys, Keras
iPython notebook, Spyder, Python IDLE, R Studio

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  • Overall 5+ years’ experience– 3 years Data Scientist / 2+ years – Corporate Training.
  • Conducted 300+ hours training on Data Science and related tools
  • Rich experience in Data Science and machine learning domain
  • Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University
  • Active participant of Data Science Competitions.
  • Currently doing research on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Natural Language generation[/su_list][su_list icon="icon: long-arrow-right" icon_color="#3e3a38"]

Professional Experience

  • Data Scientist and Corporate trainer, Statinfer Software Solutions 2015-present
  • Working on Deep Learning Tools
  • Building data science training modules
  • Training individuals on Data Science tools
  • Mechanical Engineer at Seal&Cut 2013-2015
  • Production line optimization
  • Inventory management
  • CNC code optimization


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Current Projects

                  1. Building a generalized Deep Learning GUI to solve industry-specific Problems.

                  2. Overlooking Deep Learning and NLP course for Statinfer Software Solutions.


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