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20 Multiple Choice Questions on TensorFlow

Python, R and SAS work really well for solving the predictive modelling and machine learning problems. The libraries like “sklearn” …Read More

Profile PhotoVenkata Reddy22nd April 2019

301.1.3-Uses of Big Data

Some examples of Bigdata Stock exchange transactions data Voice clips data Video clips data Social network data  Smart phone generated …Read More

Profile PhotoStatinfer17th May 2017


Joins Two Tables Retail_invoice = LOAD '/Retail_invoice_hdfs' USING PigStorage('\t') as (uniq_idi:chararray, InvoiceNo:chararray, StockCode:chararray, Description:chararray,Quantity:INT); DESCRIBE Retail_invoice; Retail_Customer = LOAD '/Retail_Customer_hdfs' …Read More

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301.4.6-Filter & Sorting

Filter and Sorting Filter The basic syntax of filtering is use the filter operation and then relation name which is …Read More

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  Functions In this section we will talk about the functions in the pig. Function is very important concepts while …Read More

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301.4.3-Pig Latin Basic Operations

Pig Latin Script Before writing the pig latin scripts some important note should be taken in consideration First one is …Read More

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