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  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions on TensorFlow

    April 22,2019 / Quiz / 0 Comments

    Python, R and SAS work really well for solving the predictive modelling and machine learning problems. The libraries like “sklearn” are sufficient for building regression models, trees, random...

  • 301.1.3-Uses of Big Data

    May 17,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

    Some examples of Bigdata Stock exchange transactions data Voice clips data Video clips data Social network data  Smart phone generated data  Weblog data E-commerce customer...

  • 301.4.7-Joins

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

    Joins Two Tables Retail_invoice = LOAD '/Retail_invoice_hdfs' USING PigStorage('\t') as (uniq_idi:chararray, InvoiceNo:chararray, StockCode:chararray,...

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