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  • 301.1.5-MapReduce and Network Programming

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

    Dividing The Overall Problem into Smaller Pieces Let us suppose we just want to simply find the number of lines or let’s say the data is from facebook, in a particular day how many likes...

  • 301.3.7-Joins

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

      Hive Joins Supports only equality joins a.key=b.key Doesn’t support a.key<b.key type of joins as of now Joins with Non-equality conditions are very difficult to express...

  • 301.1.4-Handling Big Data

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

    Bigdata Tool Analysis on this Bigdata can give us awesome insights. But, by definition, the bigdata can’t be handled using conventional tools. Datasets complex, huge and difficult to...

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