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  • 301.1.2-Big Data

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

    Definition of Bigdata Any data that is hard to handle using conventional tools and techniques is Bigdata. If you just want to find a number of rows, number of columns or what an average...

  • 301.2.7-Shuffle and reduce

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

        Shuffle & Reduce Stage Reduce stage is the combination of the Shuffle stage and the Reduce stage. The Reducer’s job is to process the data that comes from the...

  • 301.2.6-How Map Reduce Works

    May 15,2017 / Bigdata / 0 Comments

      How MapReduce Works We will understand MapReduce with the help of an example Word count example Imagine a huge data set that contains user comments and discussions about a laptop ...

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