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Statinfer Software Solutions LLP was started by industry professionals to cater to the growing need of providing specialized Data Science training and to focus on conducting applied R&D on latest Big Data challenges

Statinfer offers courses on four major aspects of data science.  Database Management and Reporting ; Data Analytics and Machine Learning; Bigdata Analytics and Distributed Computing; Data Visualizations and Storytelling.

 Our corporate offerings help you to enhance your team’s data science skills and leverage the benefits of data. Apart from Corporate Trainings we offer College Level Trainings, Class room trainings, Online and Self-paced courses

Programs and Offerings

We offer data science basic, intermediate and advanced courses. Most popular courses are

  1. R Programming
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Python Programming
  5. Bigdata Analytics
  6. Spark for Data Science
  7. Data Science Case Studies
  8. Tableau Visualizations and Story Telling
  9. Excel Reporting and Automation
  10. SQL for Data Handling

Course Design and Delivery

All the courses are designed and prepared by Statinfer in-house data scientists.The courses are result of 18 months’ effort from a team of 21 individuals including data scientists, big data developers, python developers and computer science engineers

Each course has ample examples, lab exercises and industry related projects.The courses focus on business oriented approach towards problem solving with strong foundation on the fundamentals. Thereby, bridging the gap between academia and business.All the programs are 100% hands-on

Statinfer team designed the courses to suit a non-developer/non-programmer. All courses are created for data analysts / data scientists.Emphasis is on analysis and inference along with the tool/syntax in the preferred language of choice.Extreme care has been taken to make these courses suitable for a novice.Includes around 50 solved case studies covering multiple data science applications that provides a multi-industry perspective 

Why Choose Statinfer?

Best in class Corporate Trainers. Flawlessly designed learning programs.Courses for major tools and techniques in Data science eco-system.Comprehensive course material: from high level overview to deep-dive training in analysis, programming and implementationTraining tailored for your team’s specific needs and Support after training.Blended learning model (instructor led and/or self-paced learning).

Access to advanced learning management system (LMS) which provides.

  • the flexibility of 24x7 learning at your convenience
  • teaching assistance and support through course specific forum
  • collaborative community environment for raising queries/clarifications and exchanging ideas among like-minded group of individuals

Instant Benefits of Partnering with Statinfer

  • Participants automatically get 90 days access to all the related online course and content through statinfer.com as part of training.
  • We can help you in recruiting, shortlisting and conducting the candidate interviews.
  • Onsite support for designing preliminary project framework and overall workflow creation.
  • A full-fledged preparatory boot camp demo training program before getting into the actual training 


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