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Machine Learning Made Easy – Python




This course has been created, designed and assembled by professional Data Scientists who have worked in this field for nearly a decade. We can help you understand the complex machine learning algorithms while keeping you grounded to the implementation on real business and data science problems.

We will let you feel the water and coach you to become a full swimmer in the realm of data science and Machine Learning. Every tutorial will increase your skill level by challenging your ability to foresee, yet letting you improve upon self.

We are sure that you will have fun while learning from our tried and tested structure of course to keep you interested in what’s coming next.

Here is how the course is going to work:

  • Part 1      – Introduction to Python Programming.
    • This is the part where you will learn basic of python programming and familiarize yourself with Python environment.
    • Be able to import, export, explore, clean and prepare the data for advance modeling.
    • Understand the underlying statistics of data and how to report/document the insights.
  • Part 2      – Machine Learning using Python
    • Learn, upgrade and become expert on classic machine learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Decision Trees.
    • Learn which algorithm to choose for specific problem, build multiple model, learn how to choose the best model and be able to improve upon it.
    • Move on to advance machine learning algorithms like SVM, Artificial Neural Networks, Reinforced Learning, Random Forests and Boosting
  • Part 3   – Machine Learning Projects using Python
    • Apply all your learning into projects on problems from various domains.
    • Full comprehensive DataScience pipeline from raw data to model building and making final predictions.


Statinfer derived from Statistical inference is a company that focuses on the data science training and R&D.We offer training on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence using tools like R, Python and TensorFlow

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