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RA- Reporting Analytics Tools
BI - Business Intelligence Tools
ML - Machine Learning Tools & Techniques
Course Duration 6 Months Schedule Your Free Demo
New Layer Hands On Training
Online and Offline Classes
Industry Projects
Quizzes & Assignment
Placement Guidance and Assistance
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New Layer Graduate and undergraduate students
Computer Science Engineering students
Everybody who wants to get started with machine learning & AI
Reporting analysts aiming to become data scientists.
Data visualization experts
Any Data science aspirants
Target Audience
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Real Industry Case Studies
Learn from real case studies and exact ML Pipelines followed in industry projects.

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Comprehensive Course

Enroll in a single course and secure a job in data science.


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Ever Increasing Community of Our Students and Their Amazing Career Jumps

Daily One-to-One Support for Self-Paced Learning

Our courses are designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow. We offer personalized one-to-one support to address any clarifications you may have. Our mentor team is available daily, allowing you to interact with them and get your doubts clarified.


Our Course Features Data Science Training Data Science Training & Placement
Access to Full Videos
PPT, Data Set and Code Files
Quiz Assignments
Industry Projects
Support via phone and Zoom calls
Practice problems
Live Doubt Session
Access to Videos
Interview Preparation Help
Resume Preparation
Career Assistance
Duration 3 Months 6 Months

Why Choose Statinfer?

Our Methodology

  • Walk you through the theory behind a topic.
  • Build up on your theoretical knowledge with hands on Lab Session
  • Assign case study and provide feedback on first submission
  • Improve on the feedback provided and resubmit the assignments.

Course Design

  • Industry-aligned course content
  • 70% of your learning is through hands-on case study assignments based on real world projects.
  • Case Study Cover Technicalities and Pipelilne of One Particular Industry.

Individual Mentoring

  • Regular one-on-one interactions and support on assignment completion
  • Half way through the course you get personal mentoring on Career Assistance, Portfolio Building, Resume Building and Interview Preparation
  • Guest session by Industry experts to share real world experience


This is a very solid course in Machine Learning using R. I have looked at and worked with many other available courses but I would put this one right at the top. I am surprised that there aren't many more students enrolled.

Sam M

The course is blend of theory and practical problems.very good course for students and working professionalswho want to learn data science methods.Thank you Statinfer Solutions for a wonderful course.

Vijay Chandra K P

Really good course. Covers exactly what it promises, which is text mining for beginners! There is no redundant information, such as introduction to python or extensive no sense theoretical talks. Someone who knows python and data modeling, just comes here to learn text mining.

Asimina Simota

It is very good. We have data set for practice. Good coverage of all the topics and quiz. Team used simple words. This is by far one of the Best online courses, I ever had.

Once again, thank you for a nice course.

Ravi Kumar


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Statinfer derived from Statistical inference. We provide training in various Data Analytics and Data Science courses and assist candidates in securing placements.

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