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Statinfer derived from  “Statistical inference,” is a company that focuses on data science training and R&D. 

We offer training in Excel, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, Python, ML, and DL

It is our belief that anybody with basic mathematical knowledge can get started with Data Science, that motivated us to come up with a company like this. 

Statinfer is one of the best training institutes in Vijayawada. Statinfer aims at reducing unemployment. We are trying our best to create courses that help the participants to upgrade their data science skills.  We provide training on all leading tools and techniques in the data science ecosystem.

Apart from classroom and online training, we also conduct training programs in Colleges and Corporates.

Statinfer is data science e-learning solution provider. We provide online and class room trainings on leading data science tools and techniques. We are launching self-paced online learning modules for all the leading tools in data science eco system.

Our focus is on data analytics, data science, machine learning, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence. The tools that we work on are Excel, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, Python and TensorFlow

Statinfer is created by data scientists who understand the dynamics of the current business.

The courses on statinfer.com are not merely academic, instead,  there are many industrial applications and examples. The creators assembled the course, well studied the topics with a clear understanding and had designed the curriculum.

The goal of Statinfer is to educate people on Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

We also aim to solve real-world problems using applied data mining solutions.

We aim to address the employability problem and make our candidate’s industry ready with our skill up-gradation programs.


Statinfer derived from Statistical inference. We provide training in various Data Analytics and Data Science courses and assist candidates in securing placements.

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