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204.5.8 Neural Network Algorithm-Demo

Simple test case implementation of NN algorithm.

Link to the previous post : https://statinfer.com/204-5-7-the-neural-network-algorithm/

In the previous post, we briefly discussed how the algorithm works. In this post we will implement the algorithm on a simple case.

Neural network Algorithm-Demo

Looks like a dataset that can’t be separated by using single linear decision boundary/perceptron

  • Lets, consider a similar but simple classification example
  • XOR Gate Dataset

Randomly Initialize Weights


Back-Propagate Errors

Calculate Weight Corrections

Updated Weights

Updated Weights contd…

Iterations and Stopping Criteria

  • This iteration is just for one training example (1,1,0). This is just the first epoch.
  • We repeat the same process of training and updating of weights for all the data points.
  • We continue and update the weights until we see there is no significant change in the error or when the maximum permissible error criteria is met.
  • By updating the weights in this method, we reduce the error slightly. When the error reaches the minimum point the iterations will be stopped and the weights will be considered as optimum for this training set.

XOR Gate final NN Model

The next post is about building a neural network in python.
Link to the next post : https://statinfer.com/204-5-9-building-a-neural-network-in-python/

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