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  About the courses

We offer specialised courses in the field of data science including.

        01. Reporting Analytics Trainings

        02. Predictive Modelling and data Analytics Courses

        03. Big data Courses

        04. Data Visualization courses

01.  Reporting Analytics Trainings

  •        Introduction to Sql
  •        Analytics using Excel
  •        R programming Introduction
  •        Python programming introduction

  02.  Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning Courses

  •        Machine Learning with R
  •        Machine Learning with Python

03.  Big data Courses

  •        Introduction to Big data & Big data Tools
  •        Introduction to Spark

04.  Data Visualization Courses

  •        Storytelling using Visualizations
  •        R data visualizations
  •        Tableau data visualizations

Python Courses

R Courses

Other Courses

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