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Content Licensing

We license our courseware for organizations seeking a cost-effective training solution for large number of learners.

Courseware licensing empowers organizations to develop and deliver flexible, personalized training for their employees. And of course, provides significant savings and direct on  return on investment. Statinfer’s robust catalog of Analytics Courseware can be seen on All courses

We understand that every organization is different and their expectations from every job role is unique. We can work with you to understand your specific needs and customize our training to meet your requirements.

The digital content includes:


  1. Video course contents
  2. Data sets and code for the contents
  3. Case studies and walkthrough to handle those problems


Advantages of courseware digital content licensing:

  1. Cost effective
  2. No constrain on number of employees who take the course
  3. Flexibility in usage according to your convenience
  4. Return on investment for the amount spent on licensing


**The content licensing would be available only for organization’s internal consumption.


Statinfer derived from Statistical inference. We provide training in various Data Analytics and Data Science courses and assist candidates in securing placements.

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